Podcasts for writers and readers:

Other PPL Podcast - Brad Listi is probably my favorite podcaster. Mainly because I get the sense he's just as neurotic as I am, and I like that in a host. His show has given me too many aha moments to count, and he's interviewed some of my very favorites. Highlights: George Saunders, Lee Boudreaux, Deb Olin Unferth, Amber Sparks, Maria Semple, Jess Walter, Lauren Groff. 

The New Yorker Fiction Podcast - Icons reading and discussing the work of their icons. No explanation necessary.

Writers/visual artists doing amazing work around the internet:

Austin Kleon - the author of Steal Like an Artist and Show Your Work, practicing what he preaches on his blog and Tumblr. It's like a behind the scenes reel for creative types. 

Sarah Selecky - the author of This Cake is for the Party and Radiant Shimmering Light. Sarah's Story Intensive and Story Course helped me change my non-writing angst into a daily writing practice.* She also has an uncanny way of blogging exactly what I need to read exactly when I need to read it. 

Shannon Alberta - Remember that name. Her fiction has been published in several literary magazines this year, and let's just say if this was a yearbook, Most Likely to Go Places would be under her name. Her blog is another great (and often hilarious) writing resource. You're welcome. 

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