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Out There

Welcome to my blog!

I should say that this is not my first blog. OH NO… I have started so many blogs, blogs which probably still lurk around in dim, untrodden corners of the internet. (Do me a huge favor, and never, never look for them?) But today is a new day. And this is a new blog. 

I have always had a vague paranoia about putting myself out there. You know. THERE. The internet where selfies reign supreme and people "like" your stuff or ignore it or troll you with triggering psycho babble. Who do I think I am and all that. What's my angle with all this trying? What if nobody ever sees this self-revelatory post?

In short: there are such things as stupid questions. There is also such a thing as overthinking. I am queen of both. 

So, now that we have that out of the way. Welcome. Namaste. Etc.